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Apara Autism Center is dedicated to making meaningful improvements in the lives of those we serve by providing superior clinical outcomes and life skills training for our clients in a highly supportive, compassionate, innovative, and collaborative environment with caregivers, payers, and communities.


Apara Autism Center
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Collaborative Support for the Whole Family

Because there are many different therapies recommended for Autism—and because living with a child with Autism affects the whole family—we provide more than just care. We’re building a compassionate community to help families navigate Autism’s challenges and advocate on their child’s behalf.

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Proven Clinical Treatment in One Convenient Location

While at-home treatment is convenient, studies show that outcomes improve in a more controlled, clinical environment where highly trained clinicians have access to your child’s medical records and work together across disciplines to deliver a comprehensive treatment plan designed for your child’s specific needs and capabilities.

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A Positive Approach to Improving Daily Living

We believe that with early intervention and proven therapies, every child has the ability to improve. Our goal is to identify areas of opportunity to help every child build on their strengths—and support areas of weakness. We will keep you constantly informed regarding your child’s progress, celebrating every positive milestone with you.

“I am grateful I can use my personal and professional experience with Autism to make life easier for families.”

– Tyler Moore, CEO

“I am excited to build upon my past clinical experiences to help create a unique ABA program to support not only our children with Autism, but their families and loved ones too.”

– Amanda Sitomer Smith, M.S, BCBA, LBA

Our Team


Clinical Director

Amanda Sitomer Smith, M.S, BCBA, LBA

As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis, Amanda brings more than a decade of experience consulting with providers and providing ABA therapy in clinic, school and in-home environments. She will head Apara’s clinical team, overseeing its evidence-based therapies and staff of behavior therapists. 


Tyler Moore

With 20+ years in behavioral healthcare and a child of his own on the Autism Spectrum, Tyler is deeply committed to helping steer Apara Autism Center through innovation, collaboration, and clinical excellence to improve the life of families impacted like his.

Board Certified Behavioral Analysts

Apara Autism Center’s clinical director and BCBAs have over two decades of experience consulting with providers and providing ABA Therapy with excellent clinical outcomes.

Our BCBAs come to us from all different backgrounds, but have vast experience in the field of ABA and Autism.  At Apara, our BCBAs work one on one with our clients and hand in hand with our RBTs to ensure the most effective therapy for our clients.

We’re excited to bring on more BCBAs in the very near future!

Pictured Left to Right: Susie Riley, Amberly Bossert and Amanda Sitomer Smith.


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