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Enriching the lives of children on the Autism spectrum

Welcome to Apara Autism Center: One Place for Everything Autism

Having a child diagnosed with Autism can seem like an insurmountable challenge. When your child is on the spectrum, you spend a lot of time running around town visiting different specialists, trying to figure out what your insurance will or won’t cover, and determining which overall treatment plans will be the most effective.

All the while, you’re wondering: Will he ever go to a “regular” school? Will she ever have friends and participate in enrichment activities like other kids? What kind of life will my child have?

We understand the challenges and concerns you’re facing—the founders of our company both have children on the spectrum. After experiencing the frustration of piecing together the best care from multiple providers, we knew there had to be a better way.

We created Apara Autism Center to provide integrative and collaborative programs designed to give your child the best therapy and support options available while also supporting the caregivers and family members. We’re bringing everything families of children with Autism need under one roof: the best care, most experienced clinicians, plus people you can talk to about anything from treatment options to insurance issues.

We know every child with Autism is full of promise. Our goal is to help children with Autism live to their fullest potential while giving parents and caregivers the help and information they need to make the right decisions for their child’s future.

Initial Service Offerings

  • Evidence-based ABA Therapy and Additional Therapeutic Offerings
  • Evidence-based Feeding Programs
  • Integrated Team Reporting on Your Child’s Progress
  • Family Support for Managing Ongoing Care

“I am grateful I can use my personal and professional experience with Autism to make life easier for families.”

– Tyler Moore, CEO

“I am excited to build upon my past clinical experiences to help create a unique ABA program to support not only our children with Autism, but their families and loved ones too.”

– Amanda Sitomer Smith, M.S, BCBA, LBA

The Apara Difference


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Collaborative Support for the Whole Family

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Proven Clinical Treatment in One Convenient Location

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A Positive Approach to Improving Daily Living

Clinical Director

Amanda Sitomer Smith, M.S, BCBA, LBA

As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis, Amanda brings more than a decade of experience consulting with providers and providing ABA therapy in clinic, school and in-home environments. She will head Apara’s clinical team, overseeing its evidence-based therapies and staff of behavior therapists.



Tyler Moore

With 20+ years in behavioral healthcare and a child of his own on the Autism Spectrum, Tyler is deeply committed to helping steer Apara Autism Center through innovation, collaboration, and clinical excellence to improve the life of families impacted like his.

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