If you’re starting to run out of ideas for fun places to enjoy delicious food, we’ve got some great places for the whole family! We searched all around Richardson, Texas and found a few exciting locations that will have your family feeling like they’ve left home and stepped into London, an old school burger joint, or a family bowling competition! Let the fun begin! 


Picture from AMF Bowling website.

AMF Bowling Centers

Bowling is a great way to create magical moments as a family. At the AMF Bowling Center in Richardson, there are 40 lanes to choose from and great games inside the arcade. In addition, their snack bar is stocked with many family favorites like pizza, buffalo wings, and sandwiches. You can even have your order brought right to your lane. Eating and playing, is there a better combination? 

See their menu here


Picture from Haystack website.

Haystack Burgers & Barley 

Haystack Burgers & Barley is a relaxed family-run burger joint that serves unique handcrafted burgers, sandwiches, and salads. You can sit inside and enjoy their Western decor or take advantage of beautiful weather and enjoy your burger drenched in bacon-jalapeno gravy outside on the patio.

See their menu here.


Picture from Ali Baba website.

Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill

Do you have trouble deciding which delicious Mediterranean-Lebanese dish to order? Why choose when you can come to Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill during lunchtime and enjoy an enormous buffet of classic and authentic staples of the Mediterranean diet. Grilled meats, fresh produce, legumes, olive oil, whole grains, and bold spices create delicious and mouth-watering meals. However, this place fills up fast at lunchtime, so plan accordingly. 

See their menu here.


Picture from Fish and Fizz website.

Fish and Fizz Fish & Chips

Fish and Fizz brings classic British meals and desserts to Richardson, TX. The restaurant specializes in entrees prepared with sustainably-caught Marine Stewardship Certified fish and seafood, caught within deep waters in Alaska and the Atlantic Ocean. These classic fish and chips entrees are available baked or gluten-free and are always served with hand-cut fries. British classics like bangers and mash, steak and ale pies, are also served, along with chip shop favorite additions like classic curry sauce, mushy peas, and Guinness gravy. 

See their menu here.


Picture from Snuffers website.


Snuffer’s is a delicious American-style restaurant and bar chain serving a signature classic American fare menu in an old-school dining environment. High-quality burgers are prepared fresh and cooked to order, ranging from classic bacon cheeseburgers to creative preparations with endless topping possibilities. Diners can also enjoy favorites such as patty melts, hand-battered chicken strips, and Texas giant chili dogs.

See their menu here.


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