At Apara Autism Centers, we celebrate Autism Awareness all YEAR long. However, in April, and especially on April 2nd, we are joined with people around the globe celebrating with us. The goal of Autism Awareness Month and Autism Awareness Day is to bring understanding to everyone about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). By educating our communities on what Autism is, how a person is diagnosed with Autism, and by giving a better insight into the world of Autism, we hope to create a more inclusive place for all to live in.

We hope you will join us this April in celebrating Autism Awareness! If you’re not quite sure how to celebrate, we’ve given you a few ideas below!


1. Light It Up Or Dress It Up Blue!

On April 2nd, you will likely see lots of blue on your social media feed, friends and co-workers may wear blue socks or entire blue outfits and there are even buildings and landmarks around the world that light it up blue in honor of Autism Awareness Day!

To join in the celebration you can post a picture of something blue on social media with a link to a great resource for people to learn more about Autism.

You can wear blue on this day and if anyone asks why you can help share the message.

You can even swap out your light bulbs with blue ones from Home Depot!

If you decide to take pictures of the ways you light it up blue, please share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. We would love to see them!

2. Support Autism Friendly Businesses

The Autism Society of Texas has created a list of Autism Friendly Businesses for you to check out! If you’re unable to visit any of these businesses this month, you can still support them by following them on social media or making plans to visit in the future.

The following businesses have been approved by The Autism Society of Texas as an Autism Friendly Business:

Adventure Zone- El Paso

AMC Barton Creek Square 14


Barefoot Dreams Photography

Bloom Consulting LLC

Cookie Cutters Haircuts For Kids (Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville)

CrossFit City Limits

Dart Bowl

The DoSeum

Education Service Center- Region 13

Focus Behavioral Associates, LLC

First Leap

Job Finders, LLC

Joshua’s Stage

Lone Star School of Music

Main Event- San Antonio

Morgan’s Wonderland

My Munchkin Music

One World Karate

Pieces of Me Multi-Sensory Activity Center, LLC

Precision Car Wash

Project Genius

Ride Austin

Santa Rita Tex-Mex Cantina- South

Southwest Family YMCA

Spectrum Services


TILT Performance Group

Town Lake YMCA

We Rock the Spectrum- Austin

Williams Community School

Zach Theatre


3. Read Books About Autism

When learning of an Autism diagnosis, books are often one of the first places parents turn to learn more. We have created a list of some of our favorite books you can read to educate yourself about Autism here.

18 books for children with autism and their friends and family


4. Read, Watch, or Listen to Something Created By a Person With Autism

Take a look at these magnificent works of art created by people with Autism. If you are as moved as we are, then please share the link below with your friends and family!

See more Masterpieces Made By Adults and Children With Autism here.


5. Share Your Story

Last, but certainly not least, share your story! If you know someone who has Autism, if you yourself have Autism, if your life has been touched by a person with Autism, we encourage you to share your story to help create a better understanding for all. 

If you are a more private person, you can share your story with one close friend. If you are more social media -savvy, you can post your story on Facebook and Instagram. Maybe you even want to create a video on TikTok! If you would like to share your story with us, we would love to learn more about you and your experience. You can do so here.


We look forward to celebrating Autism Awareness with you!