City parks are some of the best places to soak up the sunshine, enjoy a cup of to-go coffee or tea, and let your little ones get some energy out while having fun! Whether you’re looking for a large park that you can spend hours exploring or a small neighborhood park to get away to for the swings and slides, Bellaire parks have it all! Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite parks in Bellaire, Texas.


Bellaire-Zindler Park
7008 5th St.

The Bellaire-Zindler Park features open green space, a pavilion, and a gazebo to shade you from the sun, tennis/pickleball courts if you’re looking to be a bit more active, and a neighborhood pool!

Evelyn’s Park
4400 Bellaire Blvd

The newly constructed Evelyn’s Park is a playground for children and adults alike. Explore the trails and sculpture garden, run in the open space and enjoy the fun equipment in the playground area!


Nature Discovery Center
Russ Pittman Park
7112 Newcastle St.

The Nature Discovery Center is a tried and true favorite for any Houstonian. Most of us grew up going to the Nature Discovery Center as kids on field trips and have now chaperoned many of those trips as adults, but did you know there is also a fantastic park you can visit as well? The Russ Pittman Park has walking trails, picnic tables, playground areas, and more!


Vic Driscoll Park
4500 Locust st.

The Vic Driscoll Park is its only little hideaway tucked between Newscastle and Avenue B. This is a smaller park with nice walking paths for you and your little ones.


Officer Lucy Dog Park
4337 Lafayette

Bellaire also has a dog park dedicated to Officer Lucy, Bellaire’s former K-9 detective. Learn more about the rules to follow at the Bellaire dog park to keep everyone safe here.

Did we miss one of your favorite parks in Bellaire, Texas? Let us know which ones you enjoy visiting the most!